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Lack of timely access to behavioral health services

Limited behavioral health workforce and insufficient services prevent individuals from finding care when they need it

Community concerns for public safety

Residents and businesses are concerned about public safety impacts

Emergency services are stressed

Emergency services are overwhelmed and underlying problems remain.

Nationwide Effort

To observe best practice and consider specific priorities unique to our community, project team members have toured the following facilities with comparable programs:

  • Connections Health Solutions Crisis Response Center, Tucson AZ

  • Community Bridges Inc,  Tucson AZ

  • Deschutes County Stabilization Center, Bend OR

  • Unity Center for Behavioral Health, Portland OR

  • Psychiatric Crisis Center, Salem OR

  • Phoenix Place, Klamath Falls OR

  • Link Access Center, Klamath Falls OR

  • Options for Southern Oregon Crisis Resolution Center, Grants Pass OR

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Background Documents

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